How To Be A Badass, Chapter One

1. Do what you love. Every day. No excuses. Make time, give yourself permission and just fucking do it.  

2. Collaborate. If you're operating under the illusion that you're supposed to 'do it on your own' you're missing the point. Work together and you'll fucking create better. 

3. Do something different every day. Change is essential to growth. Take a different route home, listen to a different station. Just fucking change. 

4. Do your best work then improve upon it.  Stop waiting for someone else to inspire you. Fucking innovate.  

5. Be responsible for what you bring to the table. Don't blame others for your feelings. Be aware of your contribution and make it a good one. Don't be a fucking dick.  


To be continued… 

The Nature of Beauty

When I am out in Nature I feel beautiful. The world around me is vital and dynamic. The beauty I see around me lends itself to me and I feel more lovely.  

I think beauty is easy to define. It's an awareness, an aliveness. It's that cheek busting grin that's uncontrollable. 

The funny thing is I feel more beautiful now that I have wrinkles and grey hairs and a nice wide, round belly than I ever did when I was younger. I experience an ease in my skin that allows that inner awareness to shine through more than ever. I also see more beauty around me. 

So, just in case no one mentioned it, you're really beautiful. 



I am so constantly honored and regarded by the people I love. It's overwhelming sometimes. 

My friend, Schehera, painted an owl, a heart and a quote from one of my songs on the beach wall in the town where we both live. 

This kind of love is rare. I only hope that I can continue to live a life in which I can both give and receive this much. 

If I could urge you to do one thing it would be to give more to the people around you. The return is so staggeringly disproportionate. You get back so much more than you give.  

Thank you my friends. I am humbled by your love.  



Digital Detox

I love technology. I've loved it for as long as I can remember. I lust after the latest gadget and adapt to them so quickly it irritates my friends and family. 

Simultaneously, I have a love affair with rustic life, nature and roughing it. I can start a fire with damp logs in the rain and build a shelter out of found materials before the sun sets. I can read the tides, bake bread and weave on a loom.  

I need both. I also need balance.  

Lately I've been experiencing more digital than nature. It's just the way of my life at the moment. The things I have to do must be done on a screen. The earlier sunset means there's no light for an after-work walk. 

After two migraines in a week I realized it was time to get back in balance. I threw some essentials into my emergency road trip backpack (always stocked with an extra toothbrush, hand sanitizer and energy bars) and told the dog to load up.  

Four hours later we were in the foothills of the Sierras. The phone lost service, the light got clearer and the air smelled great. We were 'away'. 

I found myself in the kind of quiet I don't hear anymore. A stream bubbled outside, the wind whispered. I slowed down. I sat on the small porch with the dog and we both just listened. My thoughts slowed and finally stopped. For some fine time I just was. 

I spent less than twenty-four hours without connection and I have more stories to tell than after a week in my digital life.  

If you have the means (and it doesn't take much) spend a day away from all of this modern-ness. Unplug for a weekend. Look at the way the light plays with the shadows. Let your thoughts slow until they stop.

Just be. 



I've been waiting to be 40 since I was about 13. My wait is almost up and I'm ready. I've been told that it gets better at 40 and, if 39 is any indication of future trends, it will be a year to remember. 

I am (finally) comfortable in my own skin. I've proven to myself that I can do just about anything I put my mind to, including love and forgive myself more than ever before.  I'm a badass.

I'm incredibly curious to see what comes next. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy it.


One in a Million

Here's a thought I had recently; one in a million is not very uncommmon any more. If you're a one-in-a-million kind of person you now statistically share that 'rarity' with seven thousand other people. 

Makes me feel less lonely.